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María Vilarino


Domestika is an e-learning platform for creative disciplines. Based on a buy-a-course business model and to enhance learning accessibility, we sought ways to expand course access and adapt our catalogue into a user-friendly system. I was part of the Product team and worked closely with Product Managers using Scrum and Kanban methodologies for both the website and its native App. My role was focused on the two main areas of the company:

Growth e-commerce

Designing conversion flows and new customer acquisition products focused on boosting customer loyalty and lifecycle. I contributed to the creation of a new subscription business model, the implementation of a corporate typography, the new corporate pages and the public home. In addition, I was the lead designer for the Help Center redesign project.


Proposing improvements in the experience of students and teachers. I was the lead designer for the creation of the Teacher Dashboard for teachers, from the website and from the App.