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María Vilarino

Xilon Solutions SL

Xilon Solutions is a SaaS platform for small businesses and freelancers who want to establish a professional and effective online presence without having to spend a lot of money or face complex technical challenges. I started as a UX/UI designer and left as a Product Designer. While there, I designed the homepage and several microsites, the dashboard design system, and also designed the company’s Help Center from scratch.


  • Implemented a new dashboard in Siweb.es to enhance user experience and streamline web management.
  • Created informative and engaging empty states in Siweb.es.
  • Enhanced the usability of the Siweb.es dashboard by optimizing navigation and interaction.
  • Designed and developed landing pages and online platforms for various companies.


  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design.
  • Web design and prototyping in collaboration with frontend and backend developers.
  • User research and data analysis.
  • Prototyping and usability testing.
  • Collaborative teamwork utilizing agile methodology and effective communication.

Project Examples

  • Siweb.es: Designed and ideated the product dashboard, improved usability, and created engaging empty states.
  • Landing.smsempresa.es: Ideation of product and dashboard, along with design and development of the landing page.
  • Mensario.com: Designed and developed an online SMS management platform for businesses.
  • Inuub.com: Design and development of the online platform for creating self-managed websites for businesses.
  • Publisiweb.com: Design and development of the online platform for managing online advertising.
  • Seo.siweb.es: Design and development of the online platform for managing SEO and SEM positioning for companies.
  • Ayudapanel.com: The Help Center born as a solution to the needs identified after analyzing the behavior of Xilon.es users. More information about this project.